Leighton (Knot or Raga)

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One of the most loved BK colors ever. A true royal blue for your royal babe. 

Pre-tied and sewn, all you do is stretch her on and be prepared for the celebrity status that awaits.

This Bunny is made-to-order with a 1-3 week turn around time. Please select if you would like a classic Bunny Knot or RagaBunny finish. 



NB:  0-3 Months | 13-16 Inches

XS:  3-6 Months | 16-18 Inches

S:  6-12 Months | 18-20 Inches

M:  1-4 Years | 20-22 Inches

L: 5-10 years | 22-24 Inches

ADULT: 11+ years | 24-26 inches





NON Machine Washable

Spot treat only to maintain shape of your Bunny Knot™.