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About Us

When Britt Rainer couldn't find any unique headwear for her third baby, she decided to make her own! One old turtleneck shirt, a needle and thread later – the first Bunny Knot was born. Everywhere she went, people went crazy for her headwraps. Literally chasing her down to find out where they could purchase them.It was at a grocery store in February 2017 when 23 people approached her about the cute “hat” her baby was wearing that Britt decided there was a huge demand for her designs. This couldn't have come at a better time, as Britt was 8 weeks deep into maternity leave and devastated at the thought of having to put her new baby in daycare. With a lot of scrap fabric, needle pricked fingers, and hours of sewing until the early morning hours – Bunny Knots exploded and grew before her eyes. Bunny Knots is now a household name synonmous with quality, creativity, style, and community. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona - Bunny Knots HQ is completely woman run and operated. Providing mothers the opportunity to work in a flexible environment and work from home opportunities is Britt's favorite part of the business!